What is Medooza Ecosystem?

Re-Inventing The Social Engagement

If you’re dreaming about getting paid for using apps like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok Etc., then join the Medooza project.

We believe that the social engagement status quo can be changed by Challenging The Way That Users, Advertisers & Organizations Interact With each other.

“The Medooza Project Enable The Blockchain Mass adoption possible”.

On the Medooza Social platform users will earn MDZA tokens for engagement on the network, while advertisers have the abbility to allocate their advertising budget in a smarter, afficient way that ensure reaching the advertising goals.
The Medooza social platform is going to be pioneer of the Blockchain mass adoption stage – If you’re dreaming about getting paid for using apps like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok Etc., then join the Medooza project.
With intuitive & simple user interface we are going to change the way that users interact socially.
The Medooza social platform will provide advanced tools, incentives and smart reward system for deeper interaction between friends, publishers, stars, fans, and brands.
  • Engage with your friends & family and earn MDZA Tokens.
  • Earn daily bonuses for dedicate users.
  • Publish content and earn MDZA Tokens.
  • Engage with friends, favorite brands, idols and earn MDZA Tokens. Click To Download From Google Play

The Medooza ecosystem includes several components and apps that intagrate with the Non custodial Medooza wallet.

Until now, Medooza project is self funded project and we will appreciate any help and inspiration from the Blockchain community

  • If you want to join the team, Click here
  • If you want to support the project and buy some MDZA, Click here
  • If you want to earn MDZA tokens, you can do it by joing the Medooza affiliate program. Click here

or support the project, the best way is to buy MDZA tokens, stake them Medooza social & reward Platfor

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