Backup / Restore

After activating a new wallet the user MUST save a backup file. It contains an encryption of all the private keys and assets. Without it, accessing the wallet is impossible.

Important: The user Must also write or remember his Password in order to transfer funds around the blockchain.

Our team strongly encourages you to keep your private keys, backup file, and password in secure places separate from one another.

Make sure that you never share your keys, your backup file, and your password with anybody. ever.

Please keep in mind that if you lose your backup file or password, Medooza would not be able to help you restore access to your wallet! After you activated your wallets you need to write/remember the password you choose and download your backup file (as shown tin the image here).

How to restore your wallet from backup?

If you want to Restore / Import your wallets, just click on Import button, choose the file you saved and that’s it!


If you want to manage your wallets from any other device (PC or Mobile) follow these steps.

goto , On the first screen you’ll see this:

Click on the Import button > choose file location and that’s it!

Simple… Ha? That’s the Medooza wallet!

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