Medooza Faucet

Learn how to earn FREE Mdza tokens, and earn even more MDZA tokens with MDZA pool & MDZA stake. Medooza faucet is a very good way to get familiar with the MDZA platforms.

Getting started

Earning daily MDZA tokens for free in four simple steps:

  1. Click to add Xdai network to your MetaMask wallet

  2. Click to add MDZA token to Xdai network on your MetaMask wallet

  3. Copy the wallet address and paste it in the Medooza faucet form

  4. Click to get your MDZA tokens!

After few minutes you'll see the tokens in your wallet!

What can I do now with the tokens i got?

You can join the MDZA pool on Honeyswap and swap it to other tokens (Like ETH, Xdai etc.)

Click for the guide here

When join the MDZA pool you'll earn from any transaction created by the pool members and you entitled to stake your MDZA token and earn up to 36.55% APY

Click for the guide here

In the future you'll be able to use the MDZA tokens you earned on the Medooza social platform in various ways :) Stay tuned!

Medooza Faucet FAQ

Question: I got an error notification

Answer: Less then 0.1% of users see that Error. As you can see our system is automated and execute transactions all the time on the Blockchain network. Check it here.

If You got an error notification the most common reason is that you tried to claim the Faucet before the 24 hours limit.

We execute the transactions and broadcast them to the Ethereum Blockchain and in 99.9% of the transactions will be verified on the Blockchain after validation, and your MDZA tokens will appear on your Medooza wallet.

NOTE: As you may know, sometimes the Blockchain network is overloaded and it takes the miners few hours to execute and validate transactions – You need to be patient and check your Medooza wallet within few hours.

If you waited longer than few hours, you can get more assistance on the customer support button below.

Question: I got succsess notification but the MDZA doesn't show on my wallet

Answer: Don’t worry, you’ll see the tokens transferred to your MetaMask wallet (Sometimes the Blockchain network is overloaded and it takes few hours to get confirmation on the Blockchain network).

Sometimes the transactions are on Pending status – that means that they listed on the Blockchain and they will be execute as soon as the Blockchain network will be able to execute it.

If you waited more than 48 hours and still you haven’t receive the tokens, check the link here – you will probably see that the there are transactions on “Pending Status“. Click here to see the Ethereum Pending Transaction Queue

You can click on the customer chat button below to get more information.

Question: The system tells me that less than 24 hours passed

Answer: You must note that our system track all of your requests and the 24 hours time stamp start from your last query on the faucet system.

For example: If you claimed on 10:00 once and then you tried to claim again on 13:00 —-> the next time you can claim the faucet again will be at 13:00 on the next day!

Don’t try to mess up with the system 🙂

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