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Creating a new wallet

Learn how to create new Medooza wallet - Step by step guide.

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As you already know, MEDOOZA crypto wallet is a mobile/web Universal crypto wallet allow you manage all your cryptocurrency wallets and Cryptocurrencies assets in one place, offering a friendly and intuitive UI.

Medooza Wallet Platform is part of the Medooza First Symbiotic Blockchain Ecosystem powered by MDZA token.

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The Medooza wallet is BETTER, FASTER, AND MORE SECURE then any other wallet in the market. The Medooza team created it using more then 18 years of experience in the online world and cyber security.

Is it secure?

Yes, MEDOOZA web wallet is secure. We will never store any private key, Private keys are always encrypted in the browser. Even if your computer is compromised your private key cannot be accessed because they are encrypted and we only allocate them temporarily in browser-memory. Any time you need to transact a coin, you will need to type your password to decrypt your private key. While this may seem tedious at first, we understand the importance of security above all else when managing your digital assets.Other wallets use the same password for all of your assets. MEDOOZA crypto web wallet provides you with the possibility of setting a different password for each asset. Our recommendation is for you to use different passwords.

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