How to buy Crypto with credit card

Click on “Create Wallet” or download the Medooza Wallet App.

  • Create new wallet with username & password and keep them in a safe place.

  • Download your backup file for maximum security, and If you already have a Medooza wallet, import your local file.

  • Now you have a secure Crypto wallet so let's go learn how to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with credit card or debit card.

  • Click on your Bitcoin wallet (BTC)

  • Copy your wallet address (This is the wallet address you’ll receive the tokens)

  • Click Buy, Choose the amount you want, and click BUY NOW button.

  • Fill in your email, Wallet address that you copied, agree to terms and click next.

  • Fill in your credit card number, just like a regular online purchase and click next

  • Now fill in your contact details for security

  • Now you’ll get a verification call or SMS to your mobile phone with a unique code to secure your purchase, fill it as required and... - - - - ---That’s it.--- Few minutes later you’ll see the coins in your wallet and you can start trade, send or keep. Good luck

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